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Tips For Purchasing A New Garage Door Opener Online

Whether you are looking to replace an existing unit or are investing in a new garage opener for the first time, there are plenty of things to consider. Here are some tips and advice as well as some of our best models to ensure you purchase the correct garage opener online. IDA has some helpful tips to review. Before you purchase, you need to decide what are you most interested in and what are your highest priorities, some of these could include:

How much do you want to spend?
Obviously, the cost can weigh into your decision but different models have different benefits that weight into the cost-effectiveness of the price. Some openers may offer high-end features like monitoring your garage from a built-in camera, while this feature may be great to have, it may be an additional expense that can add to the cost that may not be necessary. 

How big of a garage do you have?
The size of the door both with weight and dimensions depends on the amount of strength you need and this is explained in HPcs (Horse Power comparable in strength.) For heavier or double door garages, you will need a larger amount of horsepower.

Compatibility with HomeLink 
You want to ensure that your garage opener is compatible with your current systems such as security alarms and HomeLink software. All 6 of our door openers are not only compatible to HomeLink but also to a variety of home automation and alarm entry systems.

Garage Door Opener Noise
For domestic garage door openers, you need to keep the neighbors happy and particularly for those in urban areas with next-door neighbors you want something that is not going to disturb them. For those with living spaces that are adjacent (or event above) the garage, quiet systems are a must!

Warranty Protection
For peace of mind, always look for the warranty options available on your order so that you know you are protected in the event things go wrong. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on the rail assembly, gears, and motors of our openers so that you are safe in the knowledge that we have you covered.

Battery Back-Up
If you are in an area that frequently has to deal with power shortages or extreme weather, you want to make sure that you have an integrated backup battery system. The Synergy 380 and 360 provide this as standard while the Synergy 370 includes this as an optional extra.

Maintenance for the Opener
How much time do you want to spend on the upkeep of your garage opener? Many models require maintenance and care to run smoothly. Garage Door Care recommends monthly inspections to ensure your garage door opener system is operating safely. 

Space Available for the Garage
How much space do you have available in your garage for the system? Just because you have a small garage doesn’t mean you have to rule out an opener. The Synergy 260, 270 and 280 are able to rotate left or right to allow for changes in light direction and make it more adaptable to space constraints making smaller spaces, not a problem.

Hopefully, this gives you a little more insight into what you should be looking for when purchasing a garage door opener online as well as some viable options to deal with each of these from our own ranges. Good luck with your purchases.

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