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Synergy 370 Garage Door Opener

The Synergy 370 ¾ HP DC Motor 7’ or 8’ Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with LED Lighting is a German designed and built garage door opener. Equipped with 850 Newtons of power, the Synergy 370 is rich in state-of-the-art features that ensure it will provide you years of smooth performance.

Benefits of the Synergy 370 Garage Door Opener:

  • First of its kind to offer integrated LED lighting for energy efficiency and life expectancy of over 30,000 hours – never replace a burnt light bulb again
  • LED lighting doesn’t attract insects – this means fewer bugs in your garage
  • Wireless key entry system
  • Manual emergency release for power failures
  • An optional battery back-up system is available – never worry about opening and closing your garage door in the event of a power outage
  • Compatible with HomeLink 
  • Compatible with several alarm systems as well as home automation providers
  • Built-in warning system during obstructions 
  • A pre-tensioned 3-piece belt rail system makes it extremely easy to assemble!
  • Silent yet powerful operation, thanks to a ¾ HPCs motor
  • Maintenance free operator and rail system
  • HomeLink Compatible
  • Integrated LCD display for easy set up of 3-step programming sequence
  • Programmable door travel speeds up to 9.3 inches per second
  • Electronically controlled soft start and soft stop
  • Advanced infrared photo eye safety system for added protection 

The Synergy 370 is an ultra-efficient residential garage door opener. Its Smart Motor and belt drive system ensures quiet operations at all times. It’s one of our more feature rich operators.

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